Who we are

We are a research and product development company working around the clock to reduce the carbon footprint of many of today’s products. Over the next few months, we will begin to offer our proven solutions to a number of industries. Our primary goal is to work with the automotive industry to implement our core technology.

Why we do it

International emissions are spiraling out of control. In some parts of the world, local governing principles decide what levels of carbon output are acceptable. Volatile regions that produce or simply allow "safe" passage of crude oil within their borders often have disruptions to the supply chain, causing international distress to global economies. Technology dictates that now is the time for alternative solutions.

How we do it

We have a great team that inspires passion, vision, and creativity. This fundamental foundation provides our team with a comfortable work environment and a remarkable think tank. We also encourage our team to take part in our "try it" philosophy..., which generates truly amazing results!

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Carbon emissions are killing the only home any of us will ever know: Earth. Unless we take action quickly, we are dooming our descendants to hard, short lives and potential extinction. On the one hand, there has never been a crisis so daunting in all of human history, but on the other hand, there has never been an opportunity for one generation to do so much good for the species. If we can move away from carbon-emitting fossil fuels and natural gases, we can reduce the global carbon footprint and curb climate change once and for all.

Our sustainable torque system is engineered to replace all other automotive propulsion systems, including combustible engines, hybrid engines, hydrogen fuel cells, electric vehicles, and solar-powered vehicles, producing no carbon emissions, no radiation, and no other hazards to the environment. This is something completely novel, something tailor-made for people who care about sustainability and who want to face this crisis head on.

Once our financial goal is reached, we will retrofit an all-electric vehicle with our technology. Once completed, and to prove our technology, we will drive from coast to coast across the U.S. without refueling or recharging. We will record our excursion and provide streaming live video as to our progress.


Zero Emission Technology


The technology exist today and we are excited and ready to implement our product.

We are extremely pleased with our findings, and we believe that the automotive community will be equally as pleased.

News and Events

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