Charting a new path

About Our Company


We are proud to service our customers with innovative solutions across a wide range of industries.

We have a great team that inspires passion, vision, and creativity. This fundamental foundation provides our team with a comfortable work environment and a remarkable think tank of options. We also encourage our team to take part in our "try it" philosophy..., which generates truly amazing results!

It's a privilege and an honor to develop products and systems that currently do not exist, and then present a working product to the customer.

Before developing a product, we consider the needs of certain industry, then we weigh the benefits of addressing the need, and finally we consider the costs of providing a solution. When these objectives are met, we begin our product development endeavor.

Our team has a wide range of technical background ranging from plastic technology, electronics, mechanical design, product design, prototyping, computer numerical control, etc. We're able to prototype our designs in-house, which eliminates about 35% of the overall product development cycle. This process also helps to reduce the overall R&D cost associated with each product.

Over the next few months, we will begin to offer our proven solutions to a number of industries.